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The alpha and the omega of cold forged products!
You can find the solution from the Hankook Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hankook Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.Hankook Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.Hankook Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing cold forged products, such as bolts, screws, rivets, and nuts for the automotive, construction materials and appliance industries. We, as a sub-vendor, are supplying our products to Hyundai- Kia Motor Company through our partner company.

Our company has exported construction materials to Japan, USA and other countries since 1987, enjoying good reputations and getting continuous contracts with overseas customers with its high quality products. Also, we were awarded the Green Program Certificate from our customer company for leading environmental movements in Korea.

We are applying ERP-System, the optimal management technique for achieving cost savings and the best delivery of customer orders. In addition, we established the Point of Production System (POP System) for more efficient management to fulfill “Best Quality, Best Price, Best Delivery.”

All our executives and employees are doing our best to satisfy customers’ need in every aspect with our long-accumulated technologies and a wide variety of experiences, and are striving to supply best quality products to individual orders of our customers.

We are confident that it won’t be long before the products of our company will be used for automobiles from all over the world.

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