The Progress of Hankook Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Date Content
Growth Period (2010~)
2015.07 Was awarded a grand prize for quality management (in the field of cold forging from Hankook Ilbo)
2015.06 Was designated as a Promising Export Firm
2013.04 Operated the Point of Production System (POP System)
2013.02 Was certified Grade H/W SQ [A] from Hyundai-Kia Motors
2012.11 Was certified SES-Tier2 from Renault Samsung Motors
2011.02 Constructed 2nd Plant (Land area: 13,223m2, Building floor area: 6,612m2)
Since 2010 Purchased 15 formers and 1 parts former
Leap Period (2000~2009)
2009.12 Established R&D Center
2007.11 Constructed an automated warehouse for products (750 cells for toolings, 840 cells for products)
2007.08 Acquired KS B 10620
2005.07 Acquired ISO/TS 16949
2003.07 Registered patent for stud welding equipment
Since 2000 Purchased 10 bolt formers and 3 parts formers
Foundation Period (~ 1999)
1999.01 Acquired ISO9002
1998.11 Introduced/developed ERP System
1996.05 Registered 2 cases of Utility Model Registration for clamp equipment and punch units
1987.05 Established Hankook Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.