Quality is the only way to prove our excellence, and we are committed to fulfilling customer surprise with the quality greater than anticipated and zero-defect quality.

Quality Management Policy
Our most important goal is to realize customer satisfaction by supplying optimal products through continuous quality innovation and preventing remedies in quality, cost and delivery.
Furthermore, we will establish the foundation for leaping as a leading business in our industry with innovative technology development and a top-notch management system.

Quality Policy

  1. To give customer satisfaction with best quality products
  2. To establish an optimal quality assurance system with the use of ERP/POP Systems
  3. To establish TQM by settling down ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, and H/D SQ

2015 Was awarded the 2015 grand prize in quality management for small and medium business for the field of cold forging
Host: Hankook Ilbo, Sponsor: Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Korea Federation of SMEs


Was awarded a Grand Prize in Quality Management for Small and Medium Business

ISO and TS16949, which are global certification standards for quality systems


ISO/TS 16949(E)


ISO/TS 16949(K)

KS Certification and Hardware SQ Certificate from the 2nd and 3rd vendors of Hyundai-Kim Motors


IKSA 9001(K)



Quality Certificate from the SES-TIER2, the 2nd vendor of Renault Samsung Motors, and Ssangyong Motor




Quality certification from Ssangyong Motor