Manufacturing Process

1. Wire Drawing
The wire drawing process constitutes of shot blast machines and the anodizing line, and can carry out hard drawing below Ø13.


2. Molding
For the molding process, the company is equipped with 4 parts formers including 6 stages and 5 stages, and 33 bolt formers including from 1D/2D to 5 stages, and 50 tons of 2 power presses, and can produce products below Ø4~Ø25, L=250mm.


3. Roll forming
For the thread rolling process, the company is equipped with 4 cutting machines, 10 Sem’s assembling machines, 1 circular rolling machine, and 24 horizontal rolling machines and can produce different kinds of volts ranging from M4 to M14.


4. Tapping
For the tapping process, we own 8 tapping machines exclusively for internal threads, and can manufacture high quality internal threads in large quantities.


5. Mechanical process
We carry out different types of post mechanical process after the molding process using MCT and CNC to actively meet the needs of our customers.


6. Thermal Treatment
For the thermal treatment process, the company is equipped with a quenching/tempering (Q/T) thermal treatment line with the method of continuous hydrogen furnace, and carburizing, annealing, and high frequency thermal treatment lines with the methods of batch and continuous furnace. With these lines, we can conduct different ranges of high strength thermal treatment from 80Hv of surface hardness for rivets to over 12T.


7. Plating
Diverse surface treatments are carried out including electro-galvanizing of trivalent chromium as the base, and baking line and nickel-zinc galvanizing, and geomet and magni galvanizing, which makes it possible to manufacture high corrosion resistant products over 1,000HRs by the neutral salt spray test as standard.


8. Coating
Diverse sealant treatments are carried out to threaded parts including #2353 of 3M and #1193S of ND to prevent the loosening of the nuts or improve the loosening torque of the nuts. In addition, total inspection is carried out 100% to all products through vision inspection to guarantee the quality.


9. Assembling
The company is equipped with 2 automated assembling lines to assemble eyebolts and nuts of the clamps for temporary construction materials, and is currently exporting different types of assembled eyebolts and nuts to Japan.


10. Inspection
For the inspection process, we operate a HIVIS system, equipped with Slant type vision testing machine, Wire type vision testing machine, Laser testing machine and Roller testing machine. In addition, we carry out total inspection for all products to guarantee product quality.


11. Packaging
Box magazines linked to the automated inspection machines carry out automated packaging, and the automatic packaging machines can do inner vinyl sealing as well.


12. Warehousing
The packaged products are stocked in the automated warehouse and controlled with LOT management through ERP.