Passenger car Seats
    These items include shafts, rollers, jointing bolts, and welding nuts used for the circular motions of the back of a car seat, with optimal strength, concentricity and vibration durability.
    These items include shafts, bushes, and diverse bolts and rivets for up-and-down motions of the car seat, and have high-strength fastening elements with the functioning of hinge to withstand the weight of a passenger. By assembling method, H-adjuster is divided into hex bolt and torx bolts, and serration or sealant coating can be used to prevent the loosening or falling-off of the elements.
    Seat Rail 
    These items include rollers, bushes, positioning pins, and jointing bolts, and rivets for the front and rear motions of the car seat, and have the functions of optimal strength and vibration durability, as well as sealant coating, serration and clinch to prevent the loosening or falling-off of the elements under car crash.
    Seat Structure 
    These items are fastening elements that support the structure of the car seat, including collars, pins, shafts, and different kinds of bolts and nuts, screws, and rivets.
    Automotive Parts
    Seat Belts
    Hanger bolts or torsion shaft  
    These fasteners are mounting inside seat belt hanger located B or C pillar. A Torsion shaft is seat belt locking function that installed inside of seat belt retractor assembly.
    Specialty vehicles  
    These parts are used on specialty vehicles such as aerial ladder vehicle or defense industry specialty vehicles. Normally, Specialty vehicles required extraordinary cold forging parts that usually does not use on regular automotive industry.
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