• H ankook Precision IND. Co., Ltd. provide superior quality control solution to our customer. Every single system integrated all in one to make network. This is what we called Smart factory. The smart factory extremely high efficient and reduce human error and reduce production cost as well. We are introducing smart factory feature below of lists.
  • Advanced ERP and POP System
  • HKPI have been used computer ERP system since 1989. HKPI is the one of the pioneer of smart factory in cold forging industry. HKPI keep developing our system to make better and provide good solution as possible to our customer.
  • ERP controllable fully automated mold and storage warehouse system
  • HKPI have total 840 cell capability mold warehouse and 760 cell of stock storage warehouse. HKPI possessed more than 4,000 different mold through managing computer system as well as 50 different products and 30 million stock products. Those are fully computer system controlled so we are able to much easy to LOT traceability and managing molds and stock products. So we are always ready to action of our customer’s request
  • Advanced SPC
    (Statistical Process Control) system
  • SPC system collected precise inspection results every 2 hours to collected production analyzing data by automated inspection (IM-6700 series)
  • We adapted SPC (statistical process control) system. A worker inspect production status every 2 hours, however the worker self-inspection results are not high reliability, so worker put products every 2 hours on SPC system. The SPC system will scan it and automatically measured products and data will be stored to the system and make analyzing day or month, so we are able to control quality more reliable by Process capability
  • Complete A to Z LOT traceability via ERP and barcode system
  • HKPI built fully traceability Barcode system from raw materials to complete packing even managing in automated storage. The bar code system prevent human error such as wrong raw material insert to machines. Hundredth of different raw material, wrong heat treatment or even prevent from wrong plating from human error.
  • Network management and RTM system
    (Real Time Monitoring)
  • Every single machine connected to PC to make network.
  • Our company’s every single cold forging machine connected to PC. Each PC collected data such as production count or machine status, Each PC send data to main office, so we can able to real time production monitoring all machines at same time. Real Time Monitoring system is extremely high efficient control and reliable production as well.
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